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mitterrand and breaking news in evanston where something is happening in the investigation and the missing northwestern university students. family members just rushed in. it is breaking news that began just a short time ago around a 20 5:00 p.m. it has brought this year to north shore university health hospital formally known as evanston hospital less than 1 mi. from where i was at a 25 is when our new struck had been taking place near the land searches when the mundoula came running out of the building with
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the stress on their faces look at the exclusive video we shot just a half an hour ago. nearly a dozen family members are leaving the hospital very quickly refusing to talk to us. we have been in direct contact not only with the family but with the university ever since and ever since that time there has been pretty good communication whenever possible there are search is going on whether it was yesterday or today on campus involving students and local police right now we're waiting to understand what it all could mean that they rush tahir of all places a place for people are being treated when they are hurt or injured which means potentially that could have found him, we still don't know but again we follow the family here to this location. there's a lot to learn about what has happened but what we want to do is show you what
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the family more than 40 of them here from new york and the evanstonin the evanston area hopeful about their son. police delivering the orders, students giving their own time on the first day of the school year at northwestern university a straight a sophomore hasn't been seen in six days and his fellow students are not hesitating to help find him. it's harder with every passing day. it's very abstract and a sense we don't even know what we're looking for but hopefully we can find any lowe thing that might help us what to look for.
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i know she would come out here for me so we are all here for him and his family. >> police and students working in tandem checking every alley every garbage can and every corner passing out fliers and hoping for a sign of life into now retracing his footsteps from last friday night family members escorted by other interested parties taking it yet another look at the house where he was last seen. the missing teenager left this off-campus house at 12:30 p.m. saturday his cellphone registered to this cell tower at 1:00 a.m., he is diabetic and his family believes even without his medication he could still be alive. >> right now she is not on insulin he has been off from
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insulin since july that's what his doctor says he should be ok. his mom and the rest of the family is hopeful that a $25,000 reward in the lot of community support will make the difference. >> he is coming back. >> we need more information it's out there we just needed and we need the parties to come forward. the quick update here is that we are outside north shore hospital hospital where we followed the family who rushed out of the hospital and they refuse to speak with us on the scene. we are live in evanston. >> a three week old baby girl kidnapped has been found alive tiny mia gracie thompson was taken out of the back seat of a
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car in illinois 150 mi. southwest of chicago and amber alert was issued. we know only that the child was found alive in a ditch and we will update you on this. police in evanston say they now have a person of interest in custody in connection with the murder of evanston township high school, the 14 year-old coleman was gunned down saturday night as he walked on church street with friends after he left the party he was headed home, she suffered a fatal wound to the chest. they only have a person of interest at this time, services for coleman will be saturday at the first church of god kristin life center in evanston there has been an outpouring of support today including this tweet from liberal and james. lebron james.
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>> here is the budget options report, it nearly always in ruffles a few city hall for others not to be outdone the meier help his own brainstorming session of sorts and tom-and was there. >> this year it will be three or four much smaller meetings. it promises to be a very tough city budget. >> we're taking time to hear the voices of our family. >> a small family gathering at metropolitan family services. a chance to get political cover on what is by far the toughest issue currently in the mayor's wheelhouse. as you know, budgets
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are a full-time expression of our values but also tough choices. and in that one line he sums up his dilemma seconded on politics tonight by his inspector general. >> it puts the actual structural deficit right now at about $1 billion. >> so we need to come up with ideas fit for tough times. others can it rang up controversy like the one quarter cut in city communications staff fewer paid city holidays and already raising the ire of our union suggestions of eliminating hundreds of chicago fire fighters. there are things to put out there for people to explore and examined as we try to address our fiscal situation.
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31 suggestions in total. mike shields talking about chicagos murder rate and the unthinkable nature of police. >> michelle obama stopped at a talk show studio today. later we caught her heading into one of two fund-raisers for the president or she was a guest speaker of course she told her audience is that barack is fighting for all of this and deserves a second term. the
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regular referees are finally back in the nfl the union that represents the officials reached a new contract deal much to the release of the player's fans and coaches the agreement referees will see their salaries rise to 205,000 by 2019. the league will offer a 401k type benefit and the commissioner apologized and this is what the fans are worried about. >> labor negotiations and labor- management disputes are difficult periods and what is most difficult about it is you have two parties but you have a lot of parties outside the room. we are sorry to have to bring our fans to that and the general public for that.
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>> this agreement will be good for eight years the union's 121 members will vote tomorrow and saturday and they routh their first game tonight. bears players also relieved that the referee lockout is over. rich king talked with j. cutler and brandon marshall about how they think the game will improve. coupler citing the obvious experience factor. >> get those guys back. the decision is going to go way which i think is the biggest thing you see across. >> brandon marshall said he felt bad about the blown call in the packers seahawks' game even though it did help the bears. i'm just happy it's over with until we get some of those guys back that we were familiar with. i have a lot of compassion for
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those rafts when you take guys like that and throw them in a fire so quickly everyone is dogging them, i am glad that it's over but at the same time those guys did the best they could do and i appreciate that. >> this whole thing is clearly not the finest moment for roger bledel in the nfl. that will hurt the union down the road giving up pensions. >> black hawks fans and not liking this news, league officials have canceled the entire preseason and able to get a deal done with the players association. they canceled the first couple weeks of preseason games and today they cancelled the rest of the games the nhl and union reps are scheduled to resume talks friday in new york right now the black hawks regular season is scheduled to start october 14th. it's the
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first of its kind in illinois tonight white could be the wave of the future. high taxes for some popular sandwich shop to move its corporate headquarters out of illinois.
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>> to neighboring suburbs where the powers to be our thinking of combining their police departments into one they're asking residents for their input this evening. it all comes down to money. the senate always, the state legislature if they approve this plan the first of its kind in illinois they will save several hundred thousands of dollars a year while keeping all of their police officers on the streets. >> our services will be maintained exactly as they are now the number of officers on the street will be exactly the same if not more. the villages would eliminate one police chief, when deputy chief into a
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resurgence no patrol officers will lose their jobs though its leaders say a consolidation of the police force makes sense clan still isn't clear to hills already share a school district and their demographics are very similar the combined population is about 25,000 people. >> i think it's important that for lack of a better cliche that we did the well before we are thirsty. illinois has so many bodies of government that we cannot sustain any more there are always concerned when there are major changes and that's why he came to this first of many public meetings. i think the two village boards can come up with
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a unique idea and try to present something that obviously will be controversial in needs to be looked at closely but without it we are flat out of options unfortunately. clair to an hills leaders really hope that this consolidation can happen by the summer of 2014 so there are some hurdles to overcome and they're hoping it will take a couple years. >> jimmy johnson says state taxes are taking such a bite out of profits it has them usingmoving part of their headquarters out of state. licensing division is moving to florida the entire company could be out of
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illinois in about four years. some 1000 corporate or franchise locations. drawing a line in the sands, israel's prime minister has tough words for iran's nuclear program. and the search for jimmy hoffa's remains. ♪ introducing free layaway at kmart. it's a great time to get shopping. copd makes it hard to breathe but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day.
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the danger of that country obtaining weapons of mass destruction, he said iran cannot be trusted with that kind of power and he used a simple drawing of a bomb to illustrate his point with a red line that iraq should not cross. >> right here. before before a run completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> i rance president says the nuclear program is just advancing science their program is moving quickly doubling its capacity to produce 20 percent enriched uranium over the summer. there will be a media frenzy tomorrow at a house in roseville michigan just outside of detroit when authorities dig into a driveway in search of potential schuman remains. human remains.
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ground penetrating radar spotted an anomaly something out of the ordinary after police received what they believe to be a credible source. but they are skeptical that the remains of their belonged to hoffa. a change in this year's flu vaccine that you really should know about. 80 years of chicago history captured by three generations of photographers.
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what are these flowers going to turn into? >> brad is a special education teacher and conducts class were ever there is a lesson to be taught. michael for the kids i am dealing with is i would like to help them become as independent as possible. if this freshman is an example, it's working. >> i like him because he was a good teacher and he helped me all through the summer and i love him very much. >> he is behaving better, helping around the house more he is actually doing things at home that he normally maybe wouldn't do he is more responsive, and he talks more. >> it was ericksen brother lucas
9:26 pm
a junior at main west who submitted his name for consideration as teacher of the month he puts in so much time, he puts in time outside of the classroom, he takes his kids on field trips, he brings them here. bir bade is talking about this house on the main west campus ground, it and the gardens nearby service a live skill lab of sorts for his students. >> i found him out here working taking his entire saturday to work and get the dream house started so his kids can learn how to garden and how to really make a difference in that community. the garden has made a difference for eric it's helped him cultivate a new skill. he is really one of those teachers that you are never going to forget even if you are not one
9:27 pm
of the students. >> he is in his words blown away by the recognition he says it is humbling. >> i am very lucky to have a grade students and staff to work with i absolutely loved every second of it. >> i congratulate you for selected teacher of the month and i'm happy to present you with this check for $1,000. good luck and congratulations. >> he is not alone, there are hundreds of extraordinary educators just like him and we want to know about them, if you're a student writes to us, nominate your favorite teacher on our web sites. wgn i m muriel clair.
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chicago at the moment. look at the cloudiness that is coming over lake michigan continuing to spread over parts of our area. these thicker clouds are debris clouds from thunderstorms down in the southern plains. high temperature in chicago today up to 65 degrees five degrees below normal for this day but a lot of warm air will to the south. well to the south. 56 degrees right now at o'hare airport. it looks like it's going to drop not too much more tonight.
9:32 pm
notice the cooler air trying to leave chicago a little warm-up is coming. temperatures expected to make it up to around 80 degrees but then it drops back a little. more cool air coming south from canada. when speed is about 5-10 mi. per hour. notice the ridge of high pressure that is helping to provide is the northeast wind we have been saying for the past couple of days it will eventually shift winds will, of the southwest and there will be warmups. big problems out on the east coast. a shed was damaged but right now heavy rains coming
9:33 pm
down and parts of northern virginia. under a flash flood warning they have had 2 in. of rain and they are expecting two more inches. texas has been rocked with more showers and thunderstorms today but these are dissipating. in the meantime our computer model showing a little bit of precipitation that is expected during the overnight hours. here is the forecast for tonight. here in chicago we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. i include the possibility of a light shower. friday, it looks like a partly cloudy kind of day late winds occasionally picking up in little with a high temperature
9:34 pm
68-74 degrees. friday evening mostly cloudy. a shower is possible but probably will not happen. we will lose a few degrees on sunday but the warm- up begins on monday and it may be 80 by wednesday. >> three photographers that tells three generations of chicago each with a story to tell.
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9:38 pm
realize it. jeff's grandfather elmer johnson was the photographer for the chicago daily news back in the '30's but this folkies snapped in 1936 of a plane crash near midway airport changed his life. the photo has the pilot standing there. no one died, the pilot was a hero and he made an extra $3. he started photograph and family members, his mother, grandmother, the dog making them feel comfortable in front of the camera distills served him well when he hired his son after buying his own newspaper. >> for him photography was a way to accent the story more than telling the story itself. alomar also hired michele more she worked her way up to editor married the boss's son danny
9:39 pm
into now teaches journalism at morgan college in cicero. >> they never were without their cameras and oftentimes they were there when the police were responding. it was somewhat horrifying because we saw all of these murdered people or fire and car accidents but the immediacy of the subject is weaving. his most famous photo was this one snapped an oak lawn april 31, 1967. there were only two photos, i think ap bought it as well and it ran all over the country. it wasn't until elmer's death in 20 03 and denny's one year later that jeff who had by then picked up photography himself discovered the old enterprise publishing jacket. into boxes and boxes of
9:40 pm
large negatives from elmer's trusted role of flax. eflex. >> my photos now are just adding on to this larger body of work. he is working on more books in t to learn from his grandfather jeff always carried his camera and he has some advice for families. make sure that you mark and right who is in the photograph or where the photograph was taken because without that they become lost. well his grandfather focused on politicians celebrities and his kids his father used his photos as story accent, jeff shoots it all. >> i could take pictures every day for the rest of my life and still never really get what
9:41 pm
chicago is offering. >> we cannot understand the future unless we look to the past and understand where we have come from. we can see that continue with elmer the denny and jeff. we have compiled a mini photo galleries of each johnson's work on our web sites. if you would like to share the story text of the word cover 297999 and we will. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for
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2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. one man's cancer made him millions on the disease. a 24 year-old man had 350 surgeries to remove a recurrent tumor in his throat doctors found a way to keep his cancerous cells alive in a lab in order to test drugs to kill the cancer, the
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discovery could be expanded to other cases as a way to personalize cancer treatment, a new flu vaccine is out this year adding two new strains of the virus in the battle to ward off flu infection last year's vaccine will not work against the new strains of doctors are urging everyone to get inoculated against a mild flu season last year is making people a bit more complacent but recommendations are for everyone older than six months to get a flu shot last year less than half of americans got their flu shot. cumins best friend comes to the rescue again for men and women. altering tablature in tissue reduces swelling in discomfort and for arthritis therapy they found that it could provide better rehabilitation even painkillers worked the same
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way for dogs that it did in humans but dogs needed a much higher doses. >> ahead i think you'll enjoy what you see on these seven day forecast. we have a warm-up coming right now it is 56 degrees in chicago we expect overnight low temperatures to may be dropped four or five degrees from this current level but not much below that. a lot of cloudiness in the midwest some rather impressive clouds coming up from the south those are debris clouds. we do have a slight chance of seeing a shower overnight tonight. our computer model is putting out a few hundreds of an inch from the
9:47 pm
wisconsin border all the way down south of midway airport. take a look at this, a gorgeous day tomorrow. we could make it to the low '70's. some clouds around. sunday cooler dropping down to 66 degrees but bright sunshine expected. wednesday, 81 degrees. clouds expected to build in the area next thursday which will be the precursor to another downturn in temperatures something we are watching very closely. maybe the following weekend could be in the '50s. >> and male model had a meltdown on a united airlines flight during a trip from chicago to orange county california, the 26 year-old was drunk trying to
9:48 pm
kiss a woman harassing others schering children and eventually they tackled him. >> help me! >> passengers used seat belts to restrain him and their own belts for three hours until the plane finally landed one of the travelers claim to that the models try tothreaten to kill him and his family. hundreds of vendors are partnering with facebook including starbucks facebook will make money by taking a cut of eastern infractions. the new e commerce platform is an attempt to generate other revenue for the kind anycompany.
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>> coming up, the struggling white sox tried to cool off the braves' as the sox try to pace in the a.l. central. dan roan is next in sports. [ thunder crashes ] [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional
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announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.the sox are home for the weekend against tampa bay. looking out across a bunch of customers with the race tonight. it is a 1-1 game in the fifth luke scott went out and got one for tampa bay. bottom 5 the sox load them
9:53 pm
up with nobody out. they didn't score the tying run. they are in the eighth and it's still tied up two and two. in detroit kansas city, on help us out a little bit. c'mon help us out a little bit. 5-for the final today with a four game sweep. the cubs finished up and they tried to win one of road game against the national league west. the cubs did rally late. the rockies beat them 7-5. now that we found the
9:54 pm
nfl's missing officials the bears can return to the offense we have been hoping to see. lovey's crew firming up the game plan whether or not match forte is a go. cutler can expect the cowboys to come after him in a big way and he says he will be ready. >> no matter where you go it's going to be allowed the home team always comes out and they will give you the best show. we will have to whether it and get into the fourth quarter. >> no. 1 in total defense, they are tough. they are a little banged up but he really put guys in a position to make plays. >> again you will see all of
9:55 pm
the place monday night here on wgn. pre-game show starts at 7:00 central. monday night football on wgn. last day of practice tomorrow at 720 the opening ceremony this afternoon jessica biel among the thousands of fans out there. take it from the last the hardest part for the hardest part this afternoon came from david. >> i remember being kind of nervous about it, the open ceremony. i think everybody is just dying to get out there and play some golf and to get this
9:56 pm
thing out of the way. it's such an honor to go through this process because there are so many fun things you get to do. it was quite impressive out there i have to say and both captains i spoke with about the passion will head for their team out there. that's something i think a lot of people don't realize it is one of the few may be one of the only things that you can do. paul caron and what they are hoping does not happen tomorrow. >> it will be a lot louder than that, and they can hear. >> we are happy you shared your time with us, stand by as we continue to follow our top story
9:57 pm
this search for the missing northwestern student the family is distraught going from the house the overstaying add to the hospital in evanston. northwestern university is holding a press conference in just two minutes ahead of a student vigil on campus. we will break into programming. have a good night.
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